Which Vitamins are Good for Vitiligo?

Which Vitamins are Good for Vitiligo? Read On!

The answer to which vitamins are good for vitiligo is based on studies. Vitiligo causes a person’s skin color to form white patches. This disease affects the melanin within the body which in turn causes a person to have a white spotted complexion. This disease typically occurs when a person’s autoimmune system does not function right or when they experience oxidative stress. It could also result from genetic, viral, or neural causes. A vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause vitiligo. As a matter of fact, lack of vitamins such as folic acid, copper and zinc can also contribute to this skin depigmentation condition.

Over the years, researchers have discovered that certain antioxidants such as the vitamins CoQ10 and vitamin E can be used to help cellular regeneration. Sometimes vitamin C can be used for helping to stabilize a person’s immune system. These particular vitamins can be used to treat and reduce the effects of vitiligo.

Keep in mind that there is no cure for this disease. Any person that has vitiligo will have this disease for the rest of their lives. Dermatologists and other skin specialists understand the extent of this disease and developed specific treatments to help improve pigmentation within a person’s skin. However, while there is no cure, there are various treatment options are available for vitiligo. These treatments can be used in conjunction with vitamin therapies to combat symptoms associated with this disease

Topical treatments for this disease are available, and they could contain various ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid, ginkgo and khella. Recouleur® Vitamins are great to add to your diet as they help improve vitiligo and help relieve skin pigment problems. Other treatments such as psoralen photo-chemotherapy and depigmentation can also be used to treat vitiligo.

People with vitiligo can use Recouleur® Vitamins and set up a diet that features foods that are rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid. People who suffer from vitiligo can use vitamin supplements to help the overall health of their body and skin. Once this happens a person with vitiligo might have melanin to return into their skin. Foods such as liver, fish, eggs and red meat are rich in vitamin B12 and a person with vitiligo should consume these types of foods. However, everything should be done in moderation.

People with vitiligo should get their daily dose of vitamins from their foods and supplements. The bottom line is that many people suffering from vitiligo should avoid a completely vegetarian diet simply because most fruits and vegetables do not contain the B12 vitamin. Vitamins are essential to people with vitiligo. Many people who suffer from this disease should continuously take vitamins to ensure that their skin is being properly treated from the inside out.

When considering which vitamins are good for vitiligo a person must keep in mind that vitamin treatments are not a cure, but they have conclusively proven to restore melanin to a person’s skin. Vitamins are good for vitiligo.

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  1. It is a very informative blog, one of the best articles on vitiligo, which I have read till date. I really liked the way you have given an overall knowledge about the disease, its causes, remedies and prevention methods. Thank you for sharing this information!

    • I recently notified I have Vitiligo and it seems to be spreading and I don’t know where to start

      • Hi Matt,
        Clinical research shows that many people with vitiligo are deficient in folic acid, vitamin C, and B12. Other studies reveal copper and zinc are reduced in vitiliginous skin. Recouleur combines the correct dosage of these strategic nutrients in one daily tablet. Supplementing with Recouleur® is a good first line defense against vitiligo.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
    I am a vegetarian and i do not eat fruit
    I used to take only vit B12.
    Now i know what to do.
    I am thankful for your help.
    God bless you!

  3. Thank you very much the information is very helpful
    I am taking vitamin B12, D3 1000, Biotin 2500,
    Centrum Silver. Now i know what to take for my vitiligo,
    I am greatful.
    God Bless You!

    • Hi Diane,
      Be sure to take folic acid with your B12. They use each other in biological reaction. Taking one without the other could lead to pernicious anemia. Recouleur® combines the correct dosage of these and the other strategic nutrients for vitiligo in one daily tablet.

  4. which vitamin is good for vitiligo. my son has vitiligo last 4 months on his one side eye lid n eye brows little white too i am applying elidel 2 times but not taking vitamins can u suggest me please. is it safe to take Recouleur for my son he is 17 years old. thanks passang.

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