Vitamin Deficiencies in People with Vitiligo

Vitamin Deficiencies Found in Vitiligo There are a number of studies which identify vitamin deficiencies in vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease that is characterized by white spots on the skin. The white spots happen due to the… Read More

Which Vitamins are Good for Vitiligo?

Which Vitamins are Good for Vitiligo? Read On! The answer to which vitamins are good for vitiligo is based on studies. Vitiligo causes a person’s skin color to form white patches. This disease affects the melanin within the… Read More

The most important thing you need to know about vitiligo

Reprint of our second blog post from 2013. Worth repeating! Here’s the most important thing we think you need to know about vitiligo: Your melanocytes (melanin or pigment producing cells), unless irreversibly destroyed, are always ready and willing… Read More

Recouleur raises funds for vitiligo support groups

We’ve helped numerous vitiligo support groups. Hosting a vitiligo conference or event? We’ll make an in kind donation for your raffle or fund raiser. A few of the organizations and vitiligo support groups we’ve helped include Vitiligo Support… Read More